Industrial Solar Power Plants have attained acceptance in India with leading industries resorting to solar energy for reducing their power costs & avoiding grid outage conditions. With the arrangement of a transparent approach, industrial solar power systems are progressively being adopted by industries like textile, cement, paper, steel, chemical, dairy, and ceramic industries to decrease down their electricity costs.
The increasing cost and expanding demand for electricity in industrial consumption is bringing about a need for the solar power plant set up. Pertaining to heavy usage, specifically during peak times, electricity constitutes a major variable cost for industries. The industrial solar plant set up, accordingly, is a measure to reduce the loading of the grid and the variable cost of electricity for Industries.
The excessive load demand and large available rooftop area makes solar a feasible choice for industries. Often, another reason for many valuable industries to adopt industrial solar power plants is to consume an increased proportion of renewables in their energy portfolio and fulfill their RPOs (Renewable Purchase Obligations). Industrial enterprises with solar power systems likewise have the privilege of availing tax aids, investment grants and government subsidies.
Solar power for the industry can either be arranded from an in-house solar plant or through an outside-site solar field. The solar power thus generated can be used for regular day-to-day activities of the plant including lighting, ventilation, and machinery power feed. The solar power system run by industries can be set up with a battery storage system too.
The in-house solar plant can be retained and regulated by the industrial company or by a third party who owns and operates the plant and sells solar power produced back to the firm. It is profitable for large scale industries with excessively high capacity demands to install solar power plants within their premisies.
Providing solar power for industries has hence become one of the strongest growing sectors for solar services suppliers in India.

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