Our energetic and professional team will be delighted to aid and accompany you to begin your revolutionary journey to the solar technology. No matter what is the requirement whether it’s domestic, commercial or industrial we can take care of it for you as we have rich experience in providing our services by installing and maintaining well performing rooftop solar plants. We have also equipped a successful very large utility-scale solar power plant of capacity 80 MW. Our team includes technology experts IITians, the financial management team of CA’s resolving your investment related queries in an installation of the solar plant. We will also take care of your government planning and attain favorable ROI (Return on Investment). Our planning and implementing decisive strategy has consistently created standards.
Any individual or consumer who is having electricity consumption as low as 500 units per month and above can approach us for a solar plant installation. Even if consumption rate is up to 50,000 or 1 lac units per month which are majorly for large-scale industries, we can review and serve them with our expensive affirming to their specifications. Installation of a solar plant is your treasured contribution in natural resources conservation and we will be glad to escort you in your journey.

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